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Joint Diseases & Related Surgery

Vol 6 • No 1 • 1995: 60-63
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Range of Motion of The Hip in Unilateral Above-Knee Amputees

Salih ANGIN, Z Candan ALGUN
In the studies related to functional capacity of above-knee amputees, the range of motion of the hip joint is suggested to be a factor influencing function. Generally, anatomical loss of hip muscles and biarticular muscles around the knee joint limits the range of motion after the amputation. In this study, flexion, extension, abduction and adduction of the hip joint are assessed in order to find out how these motions are affected after unilateral above-knee amputations. Two groups consisting of 20 amputees and 20 healthy subjects were evaluated and consequently it is seen that range of motions of the hip joint were reduced in amputees.

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ANGIN S, ALGUN Z C. Range of Motion of The Hip in Unilateral Above-Knee Amputees. Joint Dis Rel Surg 1995; 6(1):60-63